The community service sector is the beating heart of Queensland’s economy. We are part of the largest employer group in Queensland. On any given day almost 150,000 go to work in our more than 10,000 charities. Our essential work is supported by more than 324,000 volunteers.

We’re there when Queenslanders are in need. We provide services to people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and mental health issues. We support children, people with disability and older people. Each day we make our state a better place and our sector is vital to ensuring that equality, opportunity and wellbeing is for all Queenslanders.

As we look toward a decade of economic transformation for Queensland, we must ensure all Queenslanders have access to new opportunities. The 2032 Olympics presents a milestone event on a journey of inward migration, infrastructure development and emissions-reduced industry transformation. We need to start building 2032’s legacy now.

Strategic, long-term investments in Queensland’s social infrastructure should result in an end to the housing crisis, expand low-income households’ access to the renewable energy revolution, and create good local jobs. These investments will strengthen Queensland communities, and those who support them, as we look to 2032.

Both the Queensland and Australian governments must address the state’s housing crisis. Billions must be invested into the bricks and mortar of more social and affordable housing. Policy reforms on inclusionary zoning, land tax, commonwealth rental assistance and negative gearing will re-introduce housing affordability to our younger generations and low-income households. 

The renewables revolution is on our doorstep. Private industry, community services and government can work together to install solar and energy efficient devices on social housing and low-income households to lower energy costs and enhance our response to climate change. 

As Queensland’s population grows, we must invest in community service workforce capability and capacity to ensure Queenslanders continue to receive the services and supports they need.
This expanding workforce must be supported by social infrastructure investment including in neighbourhood and community hubs, to grow opportunities for all Queenslanders.