The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games is an exciting beacon that will shine decades of light and opportunity on our region.

In addition to generating significant economic, social and community benefits; the Brisbane 2032 journey is also a perfect example of the collaboration and unity needed to deliver for our communities. Bringing together all levels of government, sporting administrations and the community; this exciting achievement creates a blueprint for collaboration that must be continued if we are to realise its benefits.

Key amongst these benefits is the improved transport infrastructure needed across the region. These upgrades are not only about getting athletes and spectators to and from Games venues, but more importantly they are about getting locals to and from work faster and safer, giving them more time with their families.

It was for this reason that the Council of Mayors (SEQ) agreed to investigate a regional Olympic and Paralympic Games more than six years ago and we remain committed to ensuring this infrastructure is delivered.

Make no mistake, this infrastructure will not come cheap, in a post COVID environment costs are already increasing and that looks set to continue.

But if we continually question ourselves and ask what will be the cost of delivering this infrastructure for our community; we will miss the real question that must be asked, “what will be the cost of not delivering it?” What will be the cost for local families, local business and local communities?

This is not the time for “Business As Usual”, we must welcome a new age of “Business Unusual” – an era of thinking outside the box through innovation and collaboration.

For this to succeed there must be a long term plan that leverages this opportunity along with the strengths each partner brings to the table.

The private sector will play an important role in delivering the communities of tomorrow and for them to succeed they will need greater freedom to create exciting and vibrant precincts that attract visitors and investors.

The 2032 horizon creates a finish line to our regional race to deliver improved communities for our residents. And while ten years may sound like a long time, the starter’s gun has been fired and if we are to win the gold we need to run together, because it will only be through collaboration that we deliver for our communities of tomorrow.