Three goals are fundamental to Queensland’s future prosperity and liveability – growth, safety, and sustainability – all underpinned by innovation.

Queensland’s growth and future prosperity is dependent on government incentivising new industries and accelerating smart energy technologies. With an abundance of land and sunshine in Queensland, our government is well positioned to harness these advantages and develop diverse and sustainable renewable energy sources.

In the next decade demand for green, renewable energy will explode. Solar and wind farms linked to green hydrogen production for export have the potential to reach into every corner of our state to build a secure, reliable energy network.

Disruptive new technology in energy efficiency and transport are a reality, and as we address climate risk and the emissions that have historically been a by-product of growth, there is a significant opportunity to leverage solar systems and infrastructure to support integrated home energy storage and low emission vehicles.

As transport systems ultimately decarbonise, we need government to ensure residents and visitors can move and travel safely around our state. RACQ understands the economic value derived from tourism and travel, including efficient transport and the vital access to employment, education, and health services it enables. But we also understand that transport and supporting infrastructure must be safe and fit-for-purpose. We call on government to be bold and deliver a renewed focus on road safety – including better roads, more effective driver education and safer cars. No one should have to die enroute to visiting family or friends, or simply getting to work.

There must also be increased safety for Queenslanders in their homes and communities. Over the next half century unchecked climate change will reduce Australia’s economic growth and the economic and social futures of our younger generations. To keep Queenslanders safe in their homes as we are faced with more frequent and severe natural disasters, we call on government to proactively invest in safer communities and rebalance recovery and resilience funding. It is unsustainable that 97% of disaster funding is spent after a disaster and only 3% is spent on prevention. To increase Queensland’s resilience to climate risk and natural disasters, government must prioritise investment in projects that will deliver demonstrated disaster mitigation and enhance liveability for Queensland communities.

The RACQ calls on the government to enable a safer and more resilient Queensland and incentivise the innovation and technology that will get us there. RACQ remains committed to working with government, and all stakeholders, to embrace the big opportunities that will drive the prosperity of our great State.