The Olympic Vision is to build a better world through sport. As hosts of the 2032 Olympic/Paralympic Games that vision defines our obligation and our opportunity.

To grasp this opportunity we need to centre our Olympic legacy focus around inclusion and opportunity for all.

As one of the most multiculturally diverse but also one of the wealthiest societies in the world we have the opportunity and social responsibility to deliver the most inclusive Games ever.

We will need to have the foresight and courage to make investments in programs, infrastructure and our communities so that every child and every family, no matter where they live or what their circumstances, gets the opportunity to participate and engage with sport and recreation and participate in the economic opportunities that the Games will bring.

Sport and recreation is a vehicle for lifelong learning and habit formation that contributes to building communities that are mentally and physically healthy, cohesive and inclusive, and where a level playing field means that everyone has an equal opportunity to engage in all aspects of society.

Over the next two decades, KPMG has estimated the potential economic and social benefits to Australia of hosting the Games are in the order of $17.6bn. About half of the potential benefits are economic in nature, focussed on opportunities to increase international trade and tourism. The other half are social in nature, including opportunities for increasing participation in physical activities that generate health benefits and resident benefits encompassing community spirit and civic pride.

The opportunity that the Games provides is for Queensland and Australia to showcase its credentials as a modern environmentally sustainable economy and as a fair, diverse and inclusive society.

Governments, businesses and individuals can use the Games as a catalyst for crystallising and bringing forward changes that were already in the pipeline, including:

  • A modern transport system with associated infrastructure that will be able to move people and goods efficiently.
  • Businesses that are globally oriented, environmentally and socially responsible and that embrace technological solutions.
  • Enhancements to Queensland’s and Australia’s environmental credentials.
  • Repurposing and upgrading existing infrastructure in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Community sporting infrastructure that is targeted and provides opportunities to individuals and to communities engaged in physical activity.
  • Accommodation that will deal with the peak demand at the time of the Games but whose legacy will be to house Queenslanders for generations to come.