If Queensland is to realise the full potential and all the benefits of being the host of the 2032 Olympics, then Digital transformation must become a strategic priority for both business and Government organisations. Almost every organisation around the world has moved Digital Transformation out of the realm of ad hoc experimentation into a widespread adoption as they seek to better connect with their customers and citizens and generate improved economic value.

Getting digital transformation right is a major concern for many business and government leaders – it’s a lot more than just digitising a process or implementing a new technology platform or hiring in digital expertise. The reality is there is no one formula for success.

Businesses of all sizes are disrupting markets and industries with innovative new models, products, and services. Or they are being disrupted by those that are. Digital technologies are at the heart of a new industrial revolution. Cloud computing, IoT, mobility, big data, artificial intelligence, and more are changing the way that we live our lives. And in turn it is changing the way we choose to interact with each other, with businesses, and with Governments.

The success of digital transformation, however—as with any change initiative—relies on much more than access to technology and talented specialists. It hinges on changing employee mindsets and organisational culture. Digitally mature organisations are better at developing digital leaders and push decision-making deeper. They aren’t organisations that simply buy boatloads of new technology and drop them on top of their workforces. They recognise that digital transformation has to come from within – adopting forward-looking attitudes, encouraging innovation at all levels, and enabling decision-making at all levels.

Leading up to the 2032 Olympics the pressure will be on all business and Government organisations to invest heavily and use digital transformation to meet and exceed the expectations that come from hosting a global event such as the Olympics. If we get it right not only will we deliver an exceptional games experience, we will also set ourselves up for all of the benefits that the games provide through shining a light on the unique products and experiences that Queensland has to offer the World.